Are you looking to target AgraTech visitors from the UAE? Or Aquaculture visitors and exhibitors from across the GCC? Or our entire visitor database? Our systems allow you to select a segment of visitors and invite them to your stand or showcase a product.

Our offerings include:

Simple E-mail campaign: Target your selected segment through an email linked to your website. Make your email more captivating with product images and content downloads.

Multi-step E-mail campaign: Over a period of two weeks, we will send 2 emails to your selected segment.The follow up email will increase open rates and ultimately your brand visibility.

Newsletter banners: Our newsletters are recognised as a source of relevant news, key industry highlights and more, with over 60,000+subscribers.

SMS: In the palm of your visitors’ hand. Target your selected segment with a dedicated SMS to strengthen your messages leading up to and during the event.

Website banners: Place your banner on the AgraME website home page or sector pages. attracts over 60,000 unique visitors each year!

Exhibitor directory banners: The exhibitor directory is where most visitors go to find products, exhibitor listings and more. Place your banner at the top of the list to make your mark.

Social Media

Today, social media provide the means by which billions of people experience news and events happening around the world. Allow our team to create bespoke packages and assist you with messaging and implementation.

Bespoke Email and Digital Package

By combining two of our best performing mediums, you can get maximumreturn on investment on awareness and conversion campaigns! With theoption of targeting selected segments, we can offer you the following:

  • Multi-step E-mail Campaign
  • Social Post
  • Banner ad on AgraME website

Content Strategy

Content marketing ensures that you're getting heard through the noise and creating a lasting relationship with your buyer. Be seen as a thought-leader in the agriculture industry though Q&A’s, expert opinions, articles and videos to establish your presence, increase your reach and share it through our social and digital outlets and media partners. Sponsor to provide content.

Q & A with Henry Gordon-Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Agritecture

International partnerhsip with Norway’s largest exhibition - AquaNor

For further information on the above opportunities, please contact:

Sheetij Taneja 
Exhibition Manager
Tel: +971 (0) 4 407 2409
Email: [email protected]


Larry Pascual
Sales Manager
Tel: +971 (0) 4 407 2777
Email: [email protected]