Speakers - AAAID Affiliate Company Meeting

H.E. Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrooei
President & Chairman, Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID)

Mr. Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazrooei has been the appointed President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AAAID since April 2013. His Excellency holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University in the United States of America. His extensive career path spans
more than 30 years in the field of International Economic Relations in many high-level positions.

Before assuming leadership of AAAID, Mr. Al Mazrooei was the Assistant Secretary-General for the Economic Affairs in GCC and Assistant Secretary General of the Projects Sector of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) and the Chairman of the GCC Department in the Ministry of Finance. During his previous tenures, he acquired rich international and regional expertise in key economic segments with specialization in loans, development projects and infrastructure.

His Excellency was the Director of Investment for the Ministry of Finance in the United Arab Emirates as well as an active member of a number of key committees, including the Investment Committee for Gulf Corporation Countries (ICGCC) and The Investment Committee for Arab Bank the Investment Committee for the Arab Re-Insurance Group. Mr. Al Mazrooei is recognized as a pioneer economic expert and thought leader and has been awarded much recognition in the span of his career path for his achievements in the field of economic investment.

Dr. Ahmed Eltigani Abdelrahim
CEO, Al Rawabi Dairy

In 1989, Dr. Abdelrahim founded Al Rawabi Dairy Co., leading the firm’s comprehensive strategic planning for this fresh milk and fresh juice business. In 1991, it had a 2% market share, but in 1999 it became the market leader with 33% and it remains so today. Al Rawabi was recognised by Forbes magazine as one of the strongest brands in the Middle East and one of the top companies in the Arab world. 

In 2000, Al Rawabi and Emirates Modern Poultry merged, creating Emirates Rawabi Co. and Dr. Abdelrahim took over as General Manager of the newly created firm, which today is the leading poultry producer in the UAE. 

Dr. Abdelrahim has a doctorate in diary productions from the Royal Veterinary College at Khartoum University, a master’s degree in heat stress from Zagreb University, a veterinary science degree from Zagreb University, and additional coursework at Harvard University, Wharton Business School, and many other institutions. He also taught at both King Faisal University and University of Gezira.

Dr. Rashid Dafalla
CEO, Emirates Modern Poultry Co. (Al Rawdah)

Dr. Rashid Dafalla is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Modern Poultry Co. (Al Rawdah). He enrolled in poultry sciences since 1977. In 1985, he finished his doctorate (on a study on broilers nutrition and the role of dietary modification in aflatoxicosis.)

The research also included investigation of the first incidence of fatty and hemorrhagic liver and kidney syndrome in breeding hens caused by aflatoxin B1 and heat stress in Sudan.

Dr. Dafalla supervised master’s degrees in experimental ochratoxicosis A and the effect of feeding different levels of vitamin E (University of Khartoum.) He also initiated the start of the Sudanese Kuwaiti Poultry Company, which was the first integrated poultry project in Sudan.

He is a professor at Al Ain University in the Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture. He also designed and executed Emirates Modern Poultry Company (Al Rawdah), the largest broiler producer in the UAE.

Moulay Abdelkader Alaoui
Managing Director, Manafid Al Houboub Co

Moulay Abdelkader Alaoui is Managing Director of Manafid Al Bouboub Co., which specializes in the storage, processing and distribution of flours on the Moroccan market.

For three decades, he has been an expert in the storage and processing of cereals. He is a chief engineer in the agri-food industries and holds several business management degrees.

Abdelraouf Meirghani Abdelrahman Ahmed
Managing Director, Kenana Sugar Co

Mr. Abdulraouf Meirghani became Managing Director of Kenana Sugar Company (KSC) in 2017. He has more than 28 years of professional experience. While most of his career has been in the African agro and sugar industries, he also has professional experience in banking and finance sectors in the United States.

Since 2003, he has worked with Price Waterhouse Cooper of the UK in establishing and implementing a financial system for KSC as part of the company’s transformation plans as well as creating and monitoring reliable control systems. He also settled the final accounts presentation to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly within two months of the financial yearend, two years in a row for the first time in Kenana’s.

He again worked with Price Waterhouse Cooper when he participated in designing and implementing the funding model of the White Nile Sugar Co and furthermore he established financial and procurement procedures for White Nile.

In 2014, he was appointed as general manager of Kenana Integrated Agricultural Solutions (KIAS). As a true business partner and as an Interim Managing Director and Corporate Director, Mr. Ahmed supported the board of directors, providing recommendations regarding cost saving, profit generating opportunities, and profitability improvement strategies. He also provided business advice on overseas trading operations that have saved the company 18m euro in one year and played a tremendous role in reducing operational expenditures by introducing new vendors to the business.

Youssef Belkora
Assistant General Manager, Domaine Youssef Co.

Youssef Belkora is assistant general manager of Domaine Youssef in Morocco. Previously, he was Owner and Vice President of Agro Juice Processing SA (Valencia). He took the position in January 2011.

Mr. Belkora received his master’s degree in international commerce from Fox School of Business & Management at Temple University. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration, with finance as his field of study, from CEFAM Centre d’Etudes Franco-Americain de Management.

Dr. Talal Y Petrus
General Manager, Al Marga for Cattle & Agricultural Development Co. 

Dr. Talal Y Petrus is the General Manager for Al Marga for Cattle & Agricultural Development Co., which is located in Tunisia. His field of specialization is the management and husbandry of dairy cattle.

He has a M.SC degree from Aberdeen University and formerly he was a Professor at the University of Baghdad. Currently, he also is a senior agricultural expert for AAAID.