Animal Health Conference

6 March 2018: Large Animal Health

  • 11:00 Welcome Address
    Eng. Hashim Mohammed Al Awadhi, Head of Veterinary Services Section, Dubai Municipality
  • 11:15 Improving the reproductive efficiency in camels: The male
    Dr. Clara Malo, Senior Researcher, Camel Reproduction Centre
  • 11:50 Robotic CT scanning for standing horses
    Dr. Thomas Yarbrough, Chief Surgeon, Dubai Equine Hospital
  • 12:30 Break
  • 12:40 Managing equine colic in the field: When to persevere and when to refer
    Dr. Martha Misheff, Veterinary Surgeon, Sharjah Equine Hospital
  • 13:15 Latest developments in assisted reproduction in camels
    Dr. Nisar Ahmad Wani, Scientific Director, Reproductive Biotechnology Centre
  • 13:55 Equine and camel surgery: A common surgical evolution?
    Dr. Cedric Chan, Head Surgeon, Dubai Camel Hospital
  • 14:35 End

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7 March 2018: Companion Animal Health

  • 11:00 Choosing or foregoing antibiotics when caring for livestock
    Ghassan Sayegh, Export Consultant MENA, ALCE; General Manager, Middle East Agrifood Publishers (MEAP)
  • 11:20 Dubai measures to combat AMR in the livestock sector
    Dr. Louai Abdelrahman Mohamed Ahmed, Principal Veterinary Specialist, Public Health Services, Dubai Municipality
  • 12:00 Research to improve productivity at Ugandan livestock enterprises
    Dr. Swidiq Mugerwa, Director, National Livestock Resources Research Institute - Uganda
  • 12:40 Break
  • 13:00 Disease prevention in camels
    Dr. Abdulrahman Abushook, Head of Veterinary Services, Bahrain Royal Court
  • 13:40 Improving livestock productivity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
    Dr. Faisal Salem Al Barakeh, Animal Production Specialist, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA)
  • 14:20 Bee health: Making beekeeping sustainable in the UAE
    Dr. Denis Anderson, Bee Specialist, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA)
  • 15:00 End of day 2

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8 March 2018: Animal Health

  • 11:00 Herd treatment & management protocols to “Raise Without Any Antibiotics” (RWA)
    Dr. S. Mathan Kumar, Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Directorate General of Veterinary Services, Royal Court Affairs, Oman
  • 11:40 Gene editing techniques in animals: Focusing CRISPR - Cas9
    Dr. Soja Saghar Soman, Research Scientist, New York University Abu Dhabi
  • 12:20 Break
  • 12:30 Research in microbiology - supported disease control
    Dr. Ahmed I. Yagi, Associate Professor, Al Khawarizmi International College
  • 13:15 Role of natural supplements in animal health
    Dr. Shuaib Khan, Research Scientist, Himalaya Global Research Centre
  • 14:00 End of Day 3

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This programme may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Informa Exhibitions reserves the right to alter the venue, sessions and /or speakers.