Speakers - Animal Health Conference

Engineer Hashim Mohammed Al Awadhi,
Head of Veterinary Services Section,
Public Health Services Department, Dubai Municipality

Engineer Hashim Mohammed Al Awadhi is the Head of Dubai Municipality Veterinary Services Section. He is responsible for implementing strategies and policies to ensure the health of animals and the safety of their products. He aims to improve animal health and production in the Emirate of Dubai.

Dr. Faisal Al Barakeh
Animal Production Specialist, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Dr. Faisal Al Barakeh heads animal production for Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA). As such, he is the technical coordinator for the livestock improvement programme in the Abu Dhabi emirate and is an extension services and animal production specialist.

Previously, he worked at Jordan’s National Centre for Agriculture Research & Extension as Director General Assistant for Research and Extension (NCARE).

Dr. Al Barakeh has published 31 papers, two theses, and 22 extension publications all related to sheep and goat production including fattening, production improvement and nutrition. He also co-authored one book, which documented the planning, methodology, implementation, analysis and results of agricultural policy impact study, based on RRA.

Dr. Al Barakeh received his doctorate from Aleppo University in Syria, his master’s degree from the University of Science and technology in Jordan, and his bachelor’s degree from Jordan University, also in Jordan. 

Dr. Denis L. Anderson
Bee Specialist, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Since 2014, Dr. Denis Anderson has been a bee specialist for the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority. Previously, he was a research fellow at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences in Australia, principal research scientist at CSIRO Australia, a research fellow at Australian National University, and a research scientist at DSIR in New Zealand. In 2012, he founded Bees Downunder, which  provides information and supports research on Australian honeybees and native bees. He remains its director.

Dr. Anderson’s scientific achievements include initiating a genetic line of honeybee in the UAE that best suits local conditions, developing and implementing a suite of technologies for making beekeeping sustainable in the UAE, securing funding for numerous R&D initiatives, appraising country surveillance systems, conducting risk assessments, and building capacity within institutions.

His achievements also include discovering, naming and describing the most serious global pest to honeybees, the parasitic mite Varroa Destructor; discovering naming and describing the most serious emerging pest of honeybees, the Asian bee mike Tropilaelaps Mercedesae; clarifying relationships between Varroa and Tropilaelaps mikes and their respective Asian and European honeybee hosts; and unearthing the first host-switch of Varroa Jacobsoni from Asian to European honeybees and highlighting mechanisms that underpinned the switch.

Ghassan Sayegh
General Manager, Middle East Agrifood Publishers

Mr. Ghassan Sayegh is a specialist in animal production and protection, which he studied American University of Beirut. here, he received a bachelor’s degree in animal production and protection from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

In 1979 he was one of the founders of the Poultry Middle East and North Africa Magazine. He is now General Manager of Middle East Agrifood Publishers (MEAP), which is a scientific Agrifood publishing house with three magazines : Health and Nutrition (Al Ghizaa el Sohi), Poultry Middle East and North Africa, Bovine & Ovine ME&NA.

Between 1984 and 2009, he produced Agriculture Software in Europe in Farmer SpA (Italy) and developed the following softwares: Elabor for the optimiztion, analysis and traceability of animal feed;  Day-O: a personlized Data Base, Diary and Card holder For the ISO and Quality control procedures; PO.M.: a Poultry Management program: from the Grand Parents, Parents, Incubator, Layers and Broilers Management Software.

Mr. Sayegh is also now General Manager of SaySoft, an Italy-based agri-food software production company that specializes in least costing formulation, farm management and traceability software programs. He is an Italian branch board member of the World Poultry Science Association, and a member of the steering committee of the Mediterranean Poultry Network, as well as a board member of the Italian branch. 

Dr. Swidiq Mugerwa
Director, National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI)

As Director of the National Livestock Resources Research Institute, Dr. Swidiq Mugerwa provides strategic guidance and catalyses innovative capacity in conceptualizing, planning and implementation of livestock research for development in  Uganda.

Previously, he was coordinator for the Dairy Business and Incubation Center at the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO). As such, his priority was for income generation initiatives, capacity building, staffing and infrastructural investments for the centre and planning designing and coordinating training sessions for stakeholders. Prior to that, he was programme leader for NARO’s Livestock Nutrition Research Programme.

His specialties include agriculture, animal production, livestock nutrition and welfare, forage science, environment and  national resources management, rangeland management, and terrestrial ecology.  

Dr. Mugerwa received his doctorate in dryland resources management from the University of Nairobi and both his master’s degree in animal science and his bachelor’s degree in agriculture (animal science option) from Makerere University. He did
post doctorate work on grassland management at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Dr. Clara Malo
Senior Scientis, Camel Reproduction Centre

Dr. Clara Malo obtained her degree in Veterinary Science from University of Zaragoza (Spain) in 2005 and her master’s degree in 2006, which focused on Animal Reproduction. She was awarded her PhD entitled “Designing freezing boar semen extenders” in 2009, after which she was appointed as a faculty fellow in the Department of Reproduction and Obstetrics at Zaragoza University.

From 2011, she worked in the Research &Development department in a biotechnology company, where she designed semen extenders for different species and set up an in- vitro fertilization lab. She joined the Camel Reproduction Centre in 2013 as Head of Andrology where her research interests are in developing extenders for fresh and frozen sperm, sperm freezing, in -vitro sperm-oocyte interactions and embryology.

Dr. Thomas Beattie Yarbrough
Chief Surgeon, Dubai Equine Hospital

Dr. Thomas Yarbrough is chief surgeon at the Dubai Equine Hospital

Dr. Martha Mary Misheff
Veterinary Surgeon, Sharjah Equine Hospital

Dr. Martha Misheff is Veterinary Surgeon at Sharjah Equine Hospital. She has practiced in Dubai for the past 21 years, and has spent her career caring for athletic horses.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University, her Doctoral degree from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and completed a residency in equine lameness and surgery at the University of California at Davis.

She received the Award for Excellence in Equine Medicine and Surgery in her graduating class, and the Distinguished Alumna Award from the University of Cincinnati.

She worked for several years at UC Davis as a faculty clinician in equine surgery and critical care, and later as an examining veterinarian for the Kentucky Racing Commission and New York Racing Association, serving on the emergency response teams for a number of Breeders Cups and Kentucky Derbies before moving to Dubai. She has served on the Emergency Response Team for many top international races:  the Breeder’s Cup, Kentucky Derby, and Dubai World Cup. 

Much of Dr. Misheff’s work in the UAE has focused on the rapidly emerging sport of endurance. She is a four-star rated FEI endurance vet, has served as chief treating veterinarian at many international and world endurance championships, and lectures on treatment of endurance horses. She is the author of the endurance chapter in Ross and Dysona's lameness textbook, loves to ride, and has competed in endurance races internationally.

Dr. Nisar Ahmad Wani
Scientific Director, Reproductive Biotechnology Centre

The state of the art Reproductive Biotechnology Centre has been established under personal supervision of Dr. Nisar Ahmad Wani with a mandate to develop and apply latest biotechnology techniques for different animal species of the region. Dr. Wani has been heading Reproductive Biology Laboratory in Dubai from year 2005. In year 2009 he and his team produced World’s First Cloned Camel named ‘Injaz’. In subsequent years he produced many more cloned calves from the somatic cells of elite animals ranging from racing champions to beauty queens.

Dr. Wani has a bachelor’s degree in veterinary sciences and a masters and doctorate degree in Animal Reproduction. He has done many post-doctoral courses in different labs around the globe. Dr. Wani’s main research focus is to develop and apply the latest Assisted Reproductive Biotechnology techniques in order to enhance the production of different animal species of the region. Dr Wani has many publications in reputed international journals and is board member and reviewer of many international Journals in his field of specialization. Dr Wani is member of many international organizations and has travelled widely to deliver lectures and talks on his field of specialization.


Dr. Cedric Chan
Head Surgeon, Dubai Camel Hospital

A 1989 graduate of Bristol Veterinary School, Dr. Chan has worked in both first opinion and referral equine practices in the UK, Europe (Germany, France), Australia and the Far East since qualification. He completed a three year post-graduate equine surgical residency position at Glasgow Veterinary School, gaining the RCVS Certificate in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics) in 1995 and became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (Equine Surgery) in 2002.

In 2002, Dr. Chan formed NW Equine Referrals Ltd, an equine surgical consultancy practice based in London. The practice covers over 20 specific equine clinics in the North and South of England, France and Asia (including China and Singapore) 

Dr. Chan was a member of the FEI international veterinary treating teams for all the equestrian events at the Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. He was appointed by the Olympic Council of Asia and FEI as Chief Equine Surgeon responsible for all the equestrian disciplines at the 16th Asian Games held in November 2010 in Guangzhou, China.

Dr. Shuaib Khan
Research Scientist, Himalaya Global Research Centre

Dr. Shuaib Khan is a research scientist at the Himalaya Global Research Centre. His specialty is pharma formulation development. He has developed a platform technology for effective better taste basking of actives, a Transdermal system of Herbal API for pain management, and a technology to solve the hygroscopicity issue of herbal API. He also implemented packing studies resulting in solving the stability of existing product.

Previously, he was a research scientist and post-doctorate researcher with the Himalaya Drug Company in Karnataka, India. 

Dr. Khan received a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences from JSS College of Pharmacy a JSS University, a master’s in pharmaceuticals from the National College of Pharmacy at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, and a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Shri Gopichand College of Pharmacy at Uttar Pradesh Technical University. 

Dr. S. Mathan Kumar
Veterinary Surgeon, Department of Veterinary Services, Royal Court Affairs, Oman

Dr. S. Mathan Kumar is the Veterinary Surgeon in the Department of Veterinary services - Royal Gardens and Farms at Sohar in the Directorate General of Veterinary Services, Royal Court Affairs.

With a total of decade and half of rich experience in clinical veterinary practice (Field/ Hospital), farm practice and clinical research specializing in clinical veterinary medicine and veterinary surgery in the Sultanate of Oman covering all species including the wild hoof stock.

His previous stints in Oman include as a Senior Vet in the Department of Animal and Veterinary sciences, Sultan Qaboos University and as a Vet and Herd manager of the Sun farms-Sohar -Oman Agriculture Development Company (OADC). Has the proven ability to identify niche areas in the livestock research, with excellent record of several research publications and case reports as a first author among which several includes at the inter juncture of human health.

He also worked as a clinical research assistant in novel research projects for performing surgeries on animals for example preformed rumen cannulation on goats for a nutritional study evaluating alternative feed resources, like wise performed ovariectomy on laboratory mice to enable the researchers to study on relationship of estrogens and fat metabolism.

Presently, he is performing a research study on one of the wild hoof stock-antelope reproduction and their anesthesia as lead member.


Dr. Soja Saghar Soman
Research Scientist, New York University Abu Dhabi

Dr. Soman is a Research Scientist in the Biology program at New York University Abu Dhabi. Dr. Soman’s current research focuses on metabolic syndrome in animal disease models. At NYUAD, she applies advanced molecular biology & genomics tools such as CRISPR/Cas9, transgenesis & next-generation sequencing to understand the pathology of fatty liver diseases. 

Prior to joining NYUAD, Dr. Soman served as a Scientist at the Department of the President's Affairs (UAE), Al Ain, where she studied camel mitochondrial biology, physiological energetics and camel haemoglobin evolutionary biology. Dr. Soman has developed a cutting edge Real Time PCR based assay to quantify the camel mitochondria to study camel energetics. Dr. Soman did her post-doctoral training on metabolic syndromes at Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Dr. Soman holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine and PhD in Biotechnology. Dr. Soman published around 30 scientific papers in journals and conferences. Dr. Soman is an enthusiastic participant in animal healthcare activities and science dissemination programs.

Dr. Ahmed I.  Yagi
Associate Professor, Al Khawarizmi International College

Dr. Ahmed Yagi is an associate professor at Al Khawarizmi International College.

He is an experienced scientist with academic and administrative experience, with veterinary medical background and sound experience in teaching and biomedical research. He works with laboratory systems and diagnostics, as well as animal models for experimental medicine. He has worked in different settings in Oman, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Sudan. He was project leader for “novel drug targets”, funded by Scherring Co., and the Institute of Biomedicine, Turku University, Finland. His current research area is the diagnosis of eneteric protozoa in wild life applying immunological and histopathological procedures. He received his PhD in biomedical sciences from the University of Turku, Finland and his PhD in Veterinary Science from the University of Khartoum, Sudan.  

Dr Louai Abdelrahman Ahmed
Principal Veterinary Specialist , Dubai Municipality 

Dr. Louai Abdelrahman Ahmed is Principal Veterinary Specialist at Dubai Municipality. As such, he focuses on animal health and disease protection and management strategies. He has assisted thousands of animals in a whole range of disaster situations around the world, including hurricanes, droughts, typhoons, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and warfare, in America, Asia and Europe.

Dr. Ahmed has been an advisor to different private companies and government departments for animal health and protection, and previously worked on Pet Populations Control, having received several awards for the results achieved. He also collaborated and wrote several articles and books on animal health and Dog Population Management, Early Age Spay and Neutering for dogs and cats, Animal Care and Risk Reduction during outbreaks.

Dr. Ahmed carried out technical studies on different veterinary medical topics, animal rescue, and handling of animals in emergencies.

Presenting many scientific papers at many international conferences on animal health strategies and planning,Dr. Ahmed holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University Of Khartoum Sudan and a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Public Health from the University of Gezira Sudan.

Dr. Abdulrahman Abushouk
Head of Veterinary Service, Bahrain Royal Court

Dr. Abushouk received his bachelor of veterinary science (BVSC) from the University of Khartoum. He received his master’s (his MVSC) in animal pathology also from the University of Kharoum. His field of veterinary speciality is camel diseases. He has attended many conferences and workshops in the field of camel diseases and husbandry. Currently, he is in charge of the Veterinary Service for the Bahrain Royal Court.