Speakers - Aquaculture Conference

Eng. Ahmed bin Saleh AlKhamshi
Deputy Minister,
Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture – Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ali Alshaikhi
Director General, Department of Fisheries, 
Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture – Saudi Arabia

Dr. Alshaikhi is Director General of the Department of Fisheries for the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture in the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Previously, he was CEO of the National Fisheries Sector Development Program in the Kingdom. He also worked as Director of Administration and Human Resources in Bakeries Sector in the Western Region for the Almarai Company. He also previously worked as Director of Human Resource Management and Business Development of the National Aquaculture Company.

Dr. Alshaikhi holds a PhD in Human Resources Management from the University of Hilford, a Diploma of Professional Human Resources CIPD, and an MBA from the American University of London.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Aquaculture Society; the Curriculum Review Committee, Umm Al Qura University, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Lith Governorate; the Curriculum Review Committee at King Abdulaziz University - Faculty of Marine Sciences; and the Commission for Preparing Aquaculture Curricula in the General Organization for Technical and Technical Education.


Khumo Morake
Director of Aquaculture Technical Services, Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, South Africa

Khumo Morake is the Director: Aquaculture Technical Services (ATS) within the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) of the Republic of South Africa. Her current portfolio focuses on aquaculture support and development; investment promotions and facilitation; project implementation; sector training and capacity building; facilitate access to finance and market access in South Africa.

She joined the then Department Environmental Affairs and Tourism in 2004 as a Fisheries Administrator. In 2005, she became an Environmental Officer focussing Subsistence and Small Scale Fisheries Management (policy development and project management). In 2006, she was appointed as Assistant Director: Line and Net Fisheries Management focussing on development and implementation of South African fisheries policies. She joined the aquaculture sector in 2009 as an Assistant Director: Aquaculture Authorisations and became a Deputy Director: Aquaculture Support and Development.

In 2011, Ms Morake joined the senior management of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a Director Aquaculture Technical Services. She played a critical and leadership role in developing the aquaculture sector in South Africa through programmes such as Aquaculture Development Zones (ADZ) and Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme (ADEP). Her academic background includes Oceanography and Environmental Management obtained from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the Cape Town, South Africa and Aquaculture obtained from United Nations University in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

Dr. Ald El Rahman Khattby
Technical Director, Aller Aqua Egypt

Since 2013, Dr. Ald El Rahman Khattby has been Technical Director at the Aller Aqua Egypt fish feed factory. Previously since 2008, he was a researcher at the Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research (CLAR) at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture. He was a member in the technical office at Central Lab, for Aquaculture Research (CLAR).

From 2014 to 2015, he was a member in the Young Researchers Council, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Agriculture to contribute to the development of national plans and agricultural strategy. As such, he participated in round tables to preparing Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy Towards 2030. (Ministry of Agriculture). He also was a member in Innovation Platform working Groups at the World Fish Center.

He has been a scientific consultant for Fish and Feed magazine, and was Secretary General of Blue recourses for Aquaculture, Environment and Society Development (BRAESD). Member in Extensions groups in many program related to Aquaculture development. Participated in many seminars, meetings and scientific conference to Development Aquaculture as a Lecture. Editor in Scientific Journals (Egyptian Journal for Aquaculture and International Journal of Innovative Studies in Aquatic Biology and Fisheries). In 2015, he received a doctorate of philosophy in aquaculture.

Paw Petersen
Director, OxyGuard International

Paw Petersen began at OxyGuard International in 1997 as a development engineer, and in 2000 became the director and co-owner of the firm. As such, he is the technical manager for the design, planning, manufacturing, and commissioning of a large number of OxyGuard measuring, monitoring and control systems for aquaculture installations.

Paw Petersen has a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from the Engineering College of Copenhagen and continues to work on his MBA. His special area of study is measurement and control technology. Current research and development activities include: Project manager, research and development of a very small size water quality measuring, monitoring and control system (“Pond Master”; 2012 to present); Project manager, research and development of a medium size water quality measuring, monitoring and control system (“Pacific”; 2010 to present); and Project manager, research and development of a very large size water quality measuring, monitoring and control system (“Commander”; 2002 to present)

Ole Johan Sandvaer

Ole Johan Sandvær
Regional Director MEA, Innovation Norway

Since 2009, Ole Johan Sandvaer has held the regional responsibility for the Middle East and Africa within Innovation Norway.  

He joined Innovation Norway in 2000 as director for their office in Japan. In 2004 he moved back to Norway to head the regional office for Buskerud and Vestfold counties, before he moved back to Singapore in January 2008 to take up the regional responsibility for Innovation Norway’s total activities in South and Southeast Asia, a position he held till May 2014. 

He has an extensive industrial and business leadership experience from Norway and internationally. He held operational responsibility for companies like Algea and Norske Skog Follum, before he moved abroad in 1991. For five years, he was a plant manager for cement plants in Ghana and Bangladesh.

He spent four years as regional director for Kenmore International in Asia (with operations in Singapore, China, India). Mr. Sandvaer holds a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (1979).

Sam Macdonald

Sam Macdonald 
President, Deep Trekker

Water is the lifeforce of humans and human society so it’s no wonder Sam Macdonald set out to engineer a lifestyle surrounded by it. An admitted boat bum, Sam was always curious about what lay beneath the waves of the Great Lakes which surround her home in Southern Ontario.

A fateful night on anchor in Lake Huron led to the epiphany, “We need an underwater robot!” and Sam dived in, learning about underwater technology, and building on her background in automation robotics. With a degree from McMaster in commerce and over 15 years of sales and marketing experience, Sam knew she’d be the business end of any entrepreneurial endeavor, and so in 2009 teamed up with her engineering partners to fill the market gap in the world of underwater remotely operated vehicles. Sam soon came to realize that water and the business of water was not limited to the lakes and oceans; there is water and water infrastructure everywhere, enabling life in our modern society. 

Building on the principles of ease of use, ease of maintenance, and portability, Sam and the Deep Trekker team began expanding their robot offerings to include technology for use in many inland and offshore water environments. From the very beginning Sam was determined to build a company that she would do business with, and this meant keeping a keen focus on outstanding customer service and high quality robots.