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Active SRL will launch the E700 is profitable for professional use in urban areas, near homes, hospitals, schools, closed areas where is impossible to work with gasoline engines (noises, pollutions, etc.). The powerful hybrid electric trimmer in the professional range. Complete with engine, backpack, battery and charger, allows the use of all the tools of the Evolution range.

The company will also launch the new model of the E4800 OLIVAREX harvester. The harvester has two arms with  high-yielding oscillatory movement - patented. Special insulation system of the inner parts of the head.

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Gardner Denver will present their latest cutting-edge solutions branded Robuschi and Elmo Riestchle. The rotary lobe blowers Robox Aqua by Robuschi offer an innovative space saving design for increased efficiency and versatility of application. The extremely compact G-BH8 side channel blowers by Elmo Rietschle are highly energy efficient, low-maintenance, and pulsation free.

Robox Aqua package with its unique design is focused on space saving and improved efficiency:

  • Increased capacity/footprint ratio
  • Direct coupling for lower service costs
  • Capacity range up to 700 m³/hr 
  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar(g)
  • Noise level < 80 dB(A) with sound enclosure
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Henke Sass Wolf has been a driving innovator in the veterinary equipment industry for nearly one hundred years since 1921. Offering the latest technology, including anti-fogging cameras and 3D endoscopes, the HSW group is an international supplier offering everything you need. Their latest product launch of the HSW ECO-MATIC syringe allows for multiple medications to be administered at once, and with adjustable needle distances is suitable for treating all species of animal.


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Singaporean vet company, MedicalPLUS have released a new portable, mobile ultrasound imaging equipement called MyLab Delta Ultrasound. This allows for both mobile and stationary use, covering all examination needs in your practice. One of the most exciting features is the "Body Mark" which indicates a scanned area with a body mark that actually resembles the scanned species.


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AVANT, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of innovative loaders, has recently launched an option for hand-drive controls which allows paraplegics full use of the machinery using a joystick.

Initially a recommendation of a customer years ago, AVANT got to work and launched this new loader with the option for controlling the forward-reverse drive of the loader.

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Navajo Seeds breed field crops and produce hybrid seeds that can be delivered to your farm or exported globally.

In addition to Corn, Navajo Seeds manufactures Sorghum, Alfalfa, we also supply high quality vegetable seeds.