Fish Farm - AgraME's first Gold Sponsor

AgraME are pleased to welcome Fish Farm to our growing aquaculture offering. We are also delighted to announce Fish Farm as our first Gold Sponsor. Fish Farm are the UAE’s biggest breeding and hatchery farm aiming to reduce the dependency on foreign imported fish. With three facilities they aim to reach a production of 2m kgs this year.

Fish Farm aims to be leading the aquaculture industry in terms of quality, productivity and technology in the Middle East, while enhancing the environment, providing sustainable farming techniques, developing new methods and innovations.

AVANT launches new hand-drive control

AVANT, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of innovative loaders, has recently launched an option for hand-drive controls which allows paraplegics full use of the machinery using a joystick.

 Initially a recommendation of a customer years ago, AVANT got to work and launched this new loader at the Rehacare trade fair in Germany with the option for controlling the forward-reverse drive of the loader.


Henke-Sass Wolf and new, innovative syringe

Henke Sass Wolf has been a driving innovator in the veterinary equipment industry for nearly one hundred years since 1921. Offering the latest technology, including anti-fogging cameras and 3D endoscopes, the HSW group is an international supplier offering everything you need. Their latest product launch of the HSW ECO-MATIC syringe allows for multiple medications to be administered at once, and with adjustable needle distances is suitable for treating all species of animal.