The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) to host their Affiliate Companies’ Meeting at AgraME 2018

AAAID will be hosting their Affiliate Companies’ Meeting at AgraME 2018 and inviting their 40 member companies. This meeting is an open invitation to all AgraME visitors. AAAID is also coordinating with specialists from six of the affiliate companies to present case studies on different projects including sugar, grains, oil, fruit,
vegetables, dairy and poultry. 

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) is an independent multilateral financial institution established in 1976 in Sudan with the vision of achieving food security in the Arab World.

Comprised of 21 Arab member states, AAAID aims to reinforce food security in the Arab world through sustainable, affordable and nutritious agricultural and food products. With over USD 1 billion already invested in different sectors like plant processing, animal production, agricultural processing and agricultural services, AAAID has been a strong contributor to sustainable agricultural development in Arab Countries.

For the first time ever, AAAID will host their annual meeting of member companies at AgraME 2018 on Wednesday 7th March.  Six speakers who are pioneers in their respective fields will offer presentations on developments and achievements of different experiments. AAAID welcomes investors, organizations, government bodies and other VIP industry experts to discuss different agricultural topics and challenges. This will be an open invitation event. 

Buggypower and their sustainability mission

Buggypower are a biotechnology company that produces marine microalgae in closed photobioreactors, a true “spa” to these microorganisms. Microalgae are an ingredient used in producing animal nutrition and biofertilisers, and have been considered as a promising superfood ingredient.

The use of microalgae by Buggypower contributes to sustainable management of natural resources and its usage as feed ingredient is perfectly justified when created in a closed production system. 

With many applications, Buggypower is currently developing a wide range of marine microalgae products for the food and feed markets, contributing to the future of mankind through the infinite power of this superfood.

Aller Aqua wins entrepreneur of the year and globalisation award in Denmark

As part of the world’s largest competition for growth companies, Ernst and Young awarded Aller Aqua the ‘Entrepreneur Award’ and the ‘Globalisation Award’.  The jury placed emphasis on the company's long history as a family owned business, as well as their support for many of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals. 

Aller Aqua sells fish feed to more than 60 countries worldwide with new factories opened in Zambia and China in 2017. They support 8% of the annual growth of the aquaculture industry by delivering high quality fish feed and helping farmers optimise their yield.

MEACO/EMAGRO: The Home of Premium Feeds

MEACO is one of the leading suppliers of Premium Alfalfa and Dry Forages in the Middle East. For over 30 years, MEACO has built a reputation as a market leader with strong experience in Regional and International markets for the supply of agricultural materials, grains and animal feed.

MEACO offers a wide variety of top quality products such as  1st cut Premium Timothy Hay, Premium Alfalfa Hay, Bermuda Grass, Orchard Grass, Grains and Wood Shavings (for animal beddings).

Emirates Agro Investments SRL, MEACO’s subsidiary opened operations in Romania. It’s main activity is cultivation, production and export of animal feeds such as sun cured & dehydrated alfalfa hay, alfalfa pellets, concentrated pellets, and grains such as corn and other cereals.

Al Dahra and Saudi livestock firm SALIC, in $1.3bn joint venture

A joint venture between Al Dahra and SALIC worth $1.3bn has been announced by SALIC CEO, Abdullah Aldubaikhi. The JV will invest across 10 countries in the Black Sea in grains and livestock, investments will be via acquisitions and will include farmland, logistics and storage as part of a food security strategy, along with Al Dahra partnering with the UAE government.

This comes soon after King Salman of Saudi Arabia met with Russian President, Vladimir Putin and agreed deals worth several billion dollars. Saudi Arabia has also scaled back its wheat-growing programme since 2008 to rely on imports by 2016 to save water, and with Russia expecting a record 2017 harvest, will be able to supply Saudi Arabia with the grain it needs. 

SALIC is also considering investing in a Russian grain producer owned by Russian conglomerate Sistema, RZ Agro, which produces grain and has a land bank of 106,000 hectares in Russia’s southern regions.

Source: Gulf Business

Gardner Denver’s aquaculture blower

Gardner Denver’s experience in the fish farming industry has allowed them to tailor their products specifically to solve the problems of limited space, difficult maintenance and avoiding noise pulsation as to not disturb the fish.

Two of their latest products, the Robuschi and Elmo Riestchle rotary lobe blowers allow for innovative space saving and are pulsation free while still delivering high pressures, capacity range of 700 m³/hr and a noise level below 80 dB(A).

Korea Animal Health Products Association

KAHPA represents manfuacturers and importers of veterinary medicine, vaccines and other animal health products to promote a safe and high standard supply while also highlight a harmonised, science-based and innovative market place. 

KAHPA also place an emphasis on breaking into new export markets around the world by building relationships with the Ministry for Feed, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency.

Jain Irrigation returns to AgraME 2018

One of the world’s largest irrigation companies, Jain Irrigation has once again signed to exhibit at AgraME 2018.

Jain Irrigation hopes to help the UAE with its water shortage caused by a water consumption per capita of 550 litres through efficient automated irrigation systems, PVC pipes and fittings, tissue culture growth and processing dehydrated vegetables. All of which will be showcased at AgraME 2018. 

“AgraME enables us to service existing clients and win new business from across the Middle East and Africa region. After our success at the last show, we are pleased to be returning to AgraME 2018 with an increased presence.” Neeraj Bhandari, MEA Regional Manager, Jain Irrigation.


MedicalPLUS launches new ultrasound imaging

Singaporean vet company, MedicalPLUS have released a new portable, mobile ultrasound imaging equipement called MyLab Delta Ultrasound. This allows for both mobile and stationary use, covering all examination needs in your practice. One of the most exciting features is the "Body Mark" which indicates a scanned area with a body mark that actually resembles the scanned species.


AVANT launches new hand-drive control

AVANT, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of innovative loaders, has recently launched an option for hand-drive controls which allows paraplegics full use of the machinery using a joystick.

 Initially a recommendation of a customer years ago, AVANT got to work and launched this new loader at the Rehacare trade fair in Germany with the option for controlling the forward-reverse drive of the loader.


Henke-Sass Wolf and new, innovative syringe

Henke Sass Wolf has been a driving innovator in the veterinary equipment industry for nearly one hundred years since 1921. Offering the latest technology, including anti-fogging cameras and 3D endoscopes, the HSW group is an international supplier offering everything you need. Their latest product launch of the HSW ECO-MATIC syringe allows for multiple medications to be administered at once, and with adjustable needle distances is suitable for treating all species of animal.