Op Ed: The growing importance of UAE food security

Agthia’s CEO, Tariq Al Wahedi, recently published an Op Ed tackling the issue of food security across the UAE.

About 80% of the UAE’s food supply comes from lands more amenable to food production, which makes it essential for the UAE to manage risks in these source countries that could impact future food supplies. A solution to this dependence is to produce food locally.

Government subsidies for poultry feed used on local commercial farms encourage local production, along with support for dairy farms ensure a sufficient supply. Agthia themselves have stepped up to fill a gap by being a distributor for smaller chicken producers who were struggling to compete following the withdrawal of animal feed subsidies by using Agthia’s own brand of animal feed produced in the UAE.

There are several other sustainable options, including; better education, incentivises for international producers to open in the UAE and protecting local producers and industries through laws, such as banning the sales of imports for lower than fair market value. Agthia’s Op Ed explores these themes in greater detail here.

Source: The National